Saturday, June 7, 2008

Senior Banquet 2008

The first picture is Kyle and I. ooh ooh ooh!The big group picture is almost all the graduating Interior Designer majors in my class, in all our glory!


*Gu* said...


it is so awesome to see what u're up to!

Child Family said...

Hey Jana! This is Courtney. It is great to see that things are going well. What is next for you?? Great to see a new post. Keep in touch.

Jamie said...

Jana - i randomely stumbled upon your blog. How is life? We haven't seen you in forever. Are you still in Logan?

Westley Hatch said...

Hey Jana,It looks good.

Scott*n*Mindy said...

Hey Jana! This is Mindy (Murdock) Saunders. Sounds like things are going really good for you! I'm excited I came across your blog! You'll have to add mine. It's Where are you planning on working now that you are graduated?

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